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This simple mythogenisis:
The news has likened you to God,
But I am less impressed I fear
With how you poke and prod.
You went and mapped some chromosomes 
Forced a twin and named it clone.

The subtle art of splicing genes 
Uncurling strands of DNA
Unzipping them much like a zipper,
To put them back some other way.
Recombine them, change a tooth,
And find, perhaps, the fount of youth:

Zip the whole thing back again
There's nothing you wont try,
But, like as not, when you're all done
You've gone and caught your shirt-tail in the fly.
Hack, impostor, imitator
There is still but one creator.

Design a virus? What is that?
It's barely even worth the mention.
Ignite a star, or hang the moon,
Then you might get my attention!
Clones? You're merely counting sheep
The whole thing's putting me to sleep.


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