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(And Soft Deceptions)

Please, hold me closely
And whisper to me                        
White lies, and soft deceptions...
Say that you love me
Been thinking of me
Bitter fruit in sweet confection
But in the morning if you should leave me,
Don't believe that you've deceived me....

So, hold me tightly
And  make them lightly:
Empty vows and promises.
This hour is pretend
We know that it will end
Swiftly now, like your sweet kisses.
They fade at dawn like dreams on wakeing,
I freely give what you are takeing.
One single lie from you,
Is worth a hundred Truths,
Better than a dark confession.
Which, I would surely find,
If I were so inclined,
Written there in your expression.
But I'd be lost if I looked in your eyes
To find that you believe your own lies....
So say "I love you."
Don't act like it's true
For this is what I most fear:
You may have meant to lie
But teardrops in your eye
Say what you don't want me to hear.
You meant to fool me from the start,
But you forgot to warn your heart...

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